Rural Internet Made Possible

For years there has been very little or no support for internet solutions in most rural areas, and while that era is quickly ending with services such as fusion from SaskTel and Xplornet LTE, those services are not always available at every location. In these unsupported or unavailable areas we are proud to offer Cambium Networks products to help fix this issue.

What is involved?

Using either Canopy or Cambium Network Point-2-Point equipment we are able to link to an existing internet service at a different location for use at your site. This internet can be fed from a nearby town with DSL support, or likewise can be beamed across the yard to the shop if you are looking to avoid running long cables.


Basic breakdown of system

The system works by taking an internet access point and beaming it out using a small dish and a wifi based signal. This signal can travel around 25km from one end to the other with a decent line of sight. A receiver dish at the other end of the path will then pick up the signal and feed internet signal to that end where it can be used or redistributed for other uses. By using a series of towers and hops, a customer could potentially beam this signal very far distances in a relay fashion. They can also be configured for point to multi-point so a single dish can be used as an AP (Access point) for many SM (Subscriber modules).

Pricing a new system

The initial set-up cost will be your highest cost for setting up this type of system. The equipment pricing may vary, so comne see us in store for a more detailed price guide on equipment costs. For a more in depth cost analysis of your network plan, send us a contact message to discuss your needs.

Joining an existing network

With the ever growing expansion of wireless networks in Saskatchewan there may already be a network system near you. The Comm Centre for example has internet solutions available west of the city of Swift Current thanks to our wireless link system. Each customer would purchase an SM (Subscriber module) that would link back to our main location and then, through the use of VLANs, be assigned their own LAN id and dedicated network service from SaskTel. After they were on the system, they would pay the monthly internet fee determined by SaskTel, along with a small monthly rental fee for use of our tower network. Should they wish to discontinue their service, they would not be required to return any equipment as they would have bought this equipment during the initial setup. For a small additional monthly fee, the customer may also purchase support services for their internet solutions.

If you or someone you know has an existing system of internet network devices that you would like to join, we can add you to their existing network as well. This service is only possible if the system you are attempting to join is owned by or administered by that person, as we would be unable to tie into private systems controlled by other companies such as Wood River Controls internet solutions. This is because their hardware is all owned by them and not accessible to us.


Site Linking

Already have internet in your home but need it at the shop or the farm down the road? We can help with that. Using our Cambium Networks linking equipment, such as the ePMP Force 180 from Cambium Networks, we are able to join two sites or more together to create a local network. This means you can shoot internet from your home to the shop up to 15km* away and still be in the same network. The benefit of this system is you can not only broadcast your internet without having to trench long cables, you can also use this system for an improved security system. What we mean by improved security system is if you have a camera system at your shop, and want cameras in your home as well, you can leave the DVR or recording unit in the home, link all the cameras around your home to it, then beam cameras from the shop back to the house and only have one DVR is a secure remote location to ensure the files remain safe.

Lets plan your system

Come and see our network planning team at the Comm Centre today or send us a message for more information. We will discuss the best possible solutions for your internet needs and come up with a reasonable game plan for getting you connected.