Cellular booster installs

Having issues getting cell signal into your home or automotive application? We can help. Our service team has been professionally installing cellular signal boosting equipment for many years.

There are a few small things you will need to get started. The first and foremost is some cellular signal. Now the amount isn't super important, but you will need at least some signal to be able to boost it, as zero multiplied by zero will always equal zero. The second thing you will need is a booster, such as the Wilson or SureCall boosters we sell on our store.

A reminder that all self installed boosters are governed by the Self Install Policy.


Understanding the basics

While you may hear some people joke about booster installs not being rocket science, there is a science to making them work that all of our service team has become very familiar with. The biggest thing that ruins a customers signal when using a booster is improper separation and bad booster placement. The booster should never be able to see it's outdoor antenna as this will cause the booster to oscillate and shut down.

Our expert team will plan the best location and cabling method for your customer booster install to prevent oscillation and then tune the booster to the proper power levels to get your the best signal possible. Ready to get your booster installed? Standard service rates apply.