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Automotive installs

Our installation and service team has been doing vehicle and other automotive applications since we opened shop. From basic two way radio installations to cellphone boosters and building fire trucks, we have done it all.

We guarantee our work so you know you are getting the best install possible for a reasonable price. When you use our professional install service on your automotive application we warranty our work for up to 30 days after install to ensure your product works perfectly.

Our standard service rate applies to all automotive installs. If you want to get started give us a call today to get booked in at 306-778-9181.


A normal install is essentially a three step process. Plan where you want the product to be installed, run any power cable to the item and tie in, and tidy up whatever mess is left over to make it neat. The following three images are a sample of an install during the three stages.

Preparing the power loom
Cleaning up cables
Finished product