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We have expanded our brand family, introducing Icom Radios!

Posted by: Darryn Fehr | Oct 16 2017
Well it's sure been a long time in the making, but we are proud to announce the official launch of our new line: ICOM Radios. Now customers of the Comm Centre will have more options when selecting the perfect radio for their needs as well as have some more options in terms of cost and quality.

What does this mean?
We are now able to offer our customers radios for aviation, amateur, and marine based channels, as well as expanding our networking capabilities using ICOMs IP based radio systems and more.

Will they work with my existing radios?
ICOM Radios are available in both a digital and analog version in both UHF and VHF bands. The power output levels are a little bit different than Motorola radios and Midlands and the like, but they will still talk to these other brands, given the proper programming is used on the radios. While they do support digital channels with encoding such as DPL and TPL, they cannot talk to any Motorola radios using the DMR digital security method as that is specific to Motorola.

Stop by our store or contact us using the contact page with any questions or concerns regarding this news or any other product questions you may have. Thanks for stopping by and happy shopping!
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Darryn Fehr
Darryn has been with the Comm Centre for over 2 years now, working in both our Service & Cellular departments as well as running our IT division. He is from Wymark Area and has lived in Swift Current most of his life. He has a wife and three children and a rottweiler puppy. Come to him with all your technical and installation questions.
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