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Enjoy the 10 latest blog posts by the Comm Centre.

Posted by: Darryn Fehr | Sep 14 2018
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We have made some changes you may or may not have noticed. Follow up on this blog post for the latest news about changes coming to the Comm Centre.
Posted by: Darryn Fehr | Sep 01 2018
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We are handing out free copys of the COOSD.com handbook for the 2018 and 2019 years - Get to work with this custom oilfield based phone book.
Posted by: Darryn Fehr | Oct 16 2017
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We love to add new products to our store, that is why we are happy to announce our latest partnership with Icom Canada. Read the article to find out more about this new partnership and what it means for you.
Posted by: Darryn Fehr | Sep 25 2016
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It's been a weird week in tech this week, with Samsung recalling their new flagship phone. We've got the scoop on why they are recalling these devices and what customers can expect with their Note 7.
Posted by: Darryn Fehr | Sep 18 2016
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With some big changes happening at the Comm Centre, we are now pleased to announce our official launch on a few different Social Media pages. Read the full article to find out more.
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Hey there and welcome to the official Comm Centre blog. This is our teams view on social events, current happenings in the community, technology based news, and more. Feel free to comment on any post and share your experience or views; this will also help us when writing future posts.
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